Welcome to G Bar and Kitchen

We use only the freshest and most local ingredients possible. We change our menu 8 times a year to ensure that the product we source is the best and “in season”. Chef Gregg says ” I buy often and just enough so that I never sit on a product for more than a couple days. This ensures that the food is always at it’s height. All of our meats come fresh to us from Bianco and Sons in Revere who make multiple trips to the meat market in Boston daily. All of our fish is sourced from Northcoast seafoods a short walk from the docks in South Boston, and our produce from the market in Chelsea. “In the four years we have been in business, I have never had to send back any of my product, which means that our purveyors are sourcing us the best quality ingredients.” You will see that in your first bite.

“I have a minimalistic approach to my cuisine, which means that every flavor in every dish is not overpowered. My food is simple, yet elegant and ultimately satisfying. It is my goal to see a smile on every face in the dining room. If a plate doesn’t come back to the kitchen empty, it is going home for a second taste the next day! Come see for yourself.

Looking forward to serving you, Let us take you on a culinary journey!